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Gitkin is the alter ego of Brooklyn resident and Grammy nominated producer/musician Brian J. What began as a desire to create some obscure, cinematic vibe music is quickly transforming into a vibrant recording and live music endeavour. The style of music, dubbed “psychedelic world funk” draws from multiple influences from around the globe. While he has often been compared to hipster sensation Khruanbin, Gitkin’s sound is heavier and more direct. With influences ranging from 60’s Pakistani surf rock and world beat cumbia to the African diaspora, Gitkin weaves his own tapestry of sonic goodness. Hand clapping grooves and intriguing compositions create a musical mystique that is a new page for the world renowned funk outfit Pimps Of Joytime creator.


The Gitkin live band is a five piece comprised of some of Brooklyn’s finest world funk personnel. The live experience is infused with the energy of  deep grooves punctuated with heavy percussion, exotic guitars and vintage keyboards. From cinematic sonic soundscapes to climatic crescendoes, the live show leaves crowds wondering, “Who the hell are these guys?!” 


Gitkin a.k.a Brian J has recently come off a year tour with hill country blues champion Cedric Burnside who’s 2018 Grammy nominated album “Benton County Relic” was produced and played on and co-wrote by Brian J.


Gitkin’s 2018 debut album called ‘5 Star Motel’ has been received internationally with warm response and solid streaming numbers. A new EP is slated for later this year and the follow up album is scheduled for early next year. Tour dates coming soon!

Origin: Brooklyn, New York

Genre: Psychedelic World Funk

Label: Wonderwheel Recordings

Management: Matthew Thompson



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